I thought about how can we make continuous deployment more valuable for other departments besides research/development. Often the effect to get features faster doesn’t appear when you develop things from scratch because you have to build also some basics. The development cycle get longer without big notice. But big cycles come always with big batches of work when the deployment comes along and this tends to big trouble.

Some time ago I read an article about continuous deployment and the aim to develop features which you can switch on and off. If you spin this further you get features you can activate just for a specific group of users — IMHO this is the also the facebook way.

I think you can use this approach to make continuous deployment useful to all departments of your company. Create a beta space in production just for your company. All your colleagues and managers can see the progress of the project with their real accounts. You will get much faster feedback and you have also real deployments in the end of each sprint.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.